The Adidas Adicolor concept has been around since 1983 but only really took off after the release of the Adicolor ‘color’ range in 2005 which included the NYC city range as designed by Bill Mc Mullen. the original adicolor shoes were sold as a ‘blank canvas’ shoe in plain white. The shoes were accompanied by a set of acrylic paints and a wooden mixing pallet. The idea was to self customize your own shoes using the paints. The Adidas Adicolor shoe has been a huge success ever since.

Adicolor R4 Betty Boop

The Adidas Adicolor Betty Boop Stan Smith model or Adicolor R4 Betty Boop is one of the red series Adicolor shoes. The whole Adicolor number 4 ‘color’ series is full of crazy Adicolor models like the Betty Boop shoe. There is also the G4 model which features Kermit the frog or the Y4 which features […]

Adicolor BK4 Trimm Dich

The Adidas Adicolor Trimm Dich or ‘Trimmy Dich’ is a member of the whacky #4 Stan Smith range from the Adicolor ‘color’ series released in 2006. The Adicolor BK4 Trimm Dich features ‘Trimmy’ the cartoon character. Trimmy was the head figure of a national campaign during the 1970’s called ‘Trimm Dich’ or, in english ‘Get […]

Adicolor P4 Miss Piggy

The Adidas Adicolor Miss Piggy is number 4 in the Adicolor  ‘pink’ range from the Adicolor  ‘colors’ 2006 edition. Popular with the girls, ladies and certain gentlemen, the Adicolor Miss Piggy shoe is definitely a hit with pink lovers. Featuring a leather upper (silk toe area) and white midsole and Miss Piggy image on the […]

Adicolor R3 Dark Horse

The Adidas Adicolor dark horse shoe is a dedication to the Japanese ‘Dark Horse’ comics. The Adicolor R3 is a member of the ‘red’ group from the Adicolor 2006 ‘colors’ range. The Adicolor dark horse shoe comes complete with a copy of the dark horse comic book and also a spare set of innersoles containing […]