Superstar 1

The Adidas Superstar 1 was the original edition of the Adidas superstar, introduced way back in 1969 by the adidas athletics company. Ever since then, the shoe has evolved into a worldwide sell out and a fashion icon.
The Adidas superstar 1 is characterised by the thin leather tongue used without any additional padding inline with the original shoe specifications.  The superstar 1 was a hit on basketball courts throughout the USA during the 70s.

NBA Edition

When the shoe was introduced, it was the first low-top basketball shoe to feature an all-leather upper and the now famous rubber shelltoe. With its rubber toe protection and non-marking sole, the shoe caught the attention of some of the best players from the NCAA and NBA, most notably Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Within the first few […]

Superstar 1 “Clear” Blue

The Adidas Superstar 1 ‘CLR’ features a transparent toe cap and sole which is said to react to UV light. they look ultra cool and futuristic.check out the full article by clicking on the following link Adidas Superstar CLR

Superstar 1 Black & White

The Adidas Superstar 1 Black & White shoe is probably THE most popular and recognised of all of the adidas superstar models. Featuring an all black lush leather upper, black sole and black toe cap. 3 white stripes and white heel. These look fantastic with a pair of fat black laces. 

Superstar 1 Alligator Records

The Adidas Superstar 1 ‘Alligator Records’ make up the the shoes for the ‘Alligator Records’ pack. This pack also includes a matching short sleved shirt and a t-shirt. Alligator records is one of the most famous blues record labels established in 1971 by Bruce Iglauer. Some of the more famous artists to record at this […]

Superstar 1 LUX Snakeskin

The Adidas Superstar 1 LUX snakeskin shoe is a great looking superstar shoe. It features a white leather upper with 3 snakeskin stripes on the side and a snakeskin heel area. The shoe is constructed from premium ‘LUX’ materials. Check shell-toes for more!

Superstar 1 Motown

Adidas has hooked up with the Motown label to design a Adidas Motown Pack. Here we are proud to be selling the Adidas Superstar Motown’s. The Adidas Superstar Motown consists of Black, Patent Leather stripes and heel, and Corduroy upper. Check out shell-toes for more!

Adidas Superstar 1 White/Black

The Adidas Superstar 1 White/Black. One of the most recognized of all of the Adidas Superstar 1 models, the plain white & black model… goes with any clothes and looks great with any jeans. This is probably why the white & black Adidas Superstar 1 model is one of the most popular models in the […]