Superstar 2

The Adidas Superstar 2 (or Adidas Superstar II) was the evolutionary follow on model of the adidas superstar 1. Moving with the times, the superstar 2 featured a softer ‘padded’ tongue for added comfort. The heel collar of the shoe is also more padded than the superstar 1. Certain Superstar II models also feature metal lace eyelets. The shoe was introduced by Adidas in the early ‘90s and has since gone on to be one of the worlds most popular sports shoes

Superstar 2 Rasta

The Adidas Superstar in black/fairway/sunshine otherwise known as the Adidas Superstar Rasta model because of the distinctive colorway used in the 3 (three) stripes on the side of the shoe. Red Green and Gold (yellow) represent the colors of the Rasta flag. A sweet pair of superstars and a must have for all you chillers […]

Superstar 2 Black & White

The Adidas Superstar 2 Black & White shoe is probably THE most popular and recognised of all of the Adidas superstar models. Featuring an all black lush leather upper, black sole and black toe cap. 3 white stripes and white heel. These look fantastic with a pair of fat black laces. Visit the Shell Master […]